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You can keep your repeat customers by using toiletries

by:Fenghe     2020-05-14
Let guests remember and stay in the hotel again when they need it, maybe a set of hotel room toiletries can be achieved. But not all toiletries can accomplish this task. Because the current consumers are a new generation of business travellers, showing a younger trend, they will pay more attention to quality and lifestyle. Therefore, bath products need to be given great attention in the process of hotel procurement, using toiletries to enhance the hotel brand image. ?Market procurement classification At present in the Chinese market, the hotel industry has divided the market procurement channels of toiletries into five categories: 1. International luxury brands 2. International agent brand 3. Independently designed niche brands 4. High-end customized products for hotels 5. The low-ester products produced by some domestic manufacturers are used in fast or low-cost inn hotels It is an irreversible general trend for the hotel industry to go to the middle and high-end. Budget hotels will still exist, but they are all undergoing upgrades and iterations, and they are slowly moving toward high-end development. ?What is impressive? Legal compliance is only a prerequisite In China, the inspection of disposable toiletries in guest rooms is very strict. The hotel will choose legal and compliant toiletries for guests. But this alone is not enough, not enough to reach the point of impressing the guests. Must be very comfortable The shampoo not only cleans but also moisturizes the hair, even if the guests do not use the conditioner, the hair is still soft and smooth. Of course, the use of the conditioner is even more icing on the cake. The shower gel is soft and dense, moisturizes the skin, and is not slippery and easy to rinse. Body lotion should be skin-friendly, moisturizing and easy to absorb. This is achieved, in fact, to achieve the guest's feeling when taking a bath at home. If the guest's bathing experience in other hotels is not so special, then these care products used in your hotel give the guest a first impression. The second level is that shampoos, conditioners, shower gels and body lotions should meet or exceed the standards of household care. Aroma is also critical The most important thing for guest room toiletries to leave a good impression is aroma. Aroma is a very difficult way to memorize but very effective. When I was a child, my grandmother often brought gardenia to the button eyes of a really good shirt, so now I feel very warm when I smell gardenia. You should also feel this way. Sometimes when you smell a fragrance inadvertently in the distance, you can evoke memories of the past and even make people cry. If the aroma of the shampoo and bath products in the hotel room is attractive enough, it can also evoke the guests' memories of the hotel inadvertently, and it is really important to choose a fragrance that meets the hotel's temperament and is impressive. ?Brand relevance Why can the hotel brand image be enhanced by toiletries alone? ? ? In fact, it is not difficult to understand that the toiletries provide guests with a three-dimensional feeling of sight, smell and touch. It is also the most practical small souvenir that guests can carry with them when they leave the shop. As a large number of big European and American brands enter the Chinese market, customers' awareness of the brand is getting higher and higher. Guest reviews abound in photos of big show trophies. Once this cross-industry brand association is established, its impact is huge. Write at the end: If you want to have more peace of mind and peace of mind when purchasing, then choose the star cafe Youhui directly. We provide a professional, convenient, and cost-effective hotel supplies procurement platform. The quality of manufacturers' products has been checked in advance in the purchase process. The source difference is directly eliminated, and the professional service allows you to purchase without worry.
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