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What is the secret of olfactory marketing in five-star

by:Fenghe     2020-05-13
Philip Kotler, the father of marketing, believes that marketing should be redefined as an equilateral triangle composed of brand, positioning and differentiation. And the hotel's intrusion of the sense of smell, the sensory details, is an uninterrupted interpretation of the regeneration of this equilateral triangle. When customers repeatedly associate a scent with a brand, the brand's image is strengthened. ?1. Exclusive fragrance Shangri-La, the largest luxury hotel group in the Asia-Pacific region, can be said to be a model of scent marketing, and has formed a “Shangri-La Fragrance” brand exclusively for Shangri-La. This fragrance was launched by Shangri-La Hotel Group as early as 2001 and started to be used in its hotels. The “Shangri-La Fragrance” developed by the Group in cooperation with an Australian company has a fresh and elegant atmosphere unique to Asia. It was inspired by the Shangri-La portrayed in the novel 'The Lost Horizon' published by James Hilton in 1933, a quiet and pleasant paradise. It is based on vanilla, sandalwood and musk, while the unique top notes with a hint of bergamot, white tea and ginger are unique. 'Shangri-La', as the mid-to-high-end luxury hotel brand of Shangri-La Hotel Group, is positioned to create a global luxury and warm family taste for busy business travelers. Shangri-La Hotel Group expects customers to feel the warmth and comfort of Shangri-La within the first 10 minutes of entering the hotel. And the mysterious and sexy 'Shangri-La fragrance' can precisely soothe the mood and soothe the mood. ?2. Customized fragrance Starwood Hotel Group, including Sheraton, Westin, W Hotels and other brand hotels, is naturally not far behind in olfactory marketing. Since 2005, each of its branded hotels has introduced its own unique fragrance. These aromas are customized according to the unique positioning and different decoration styles of hotel consumers. The Westin Hotel, as a high-end luxury brand under Starwood, is almost entirely distributed in the central business districts of major cities around the world. In response to the brand positioning of this high-end business hotel, the Westin Hotel selected white tea fragrance, which blended the quiet atmosphere of geranium and freesia. This calming and relaxing scent, combined with the global unified style of lighting and background music in the Westin Hotel, whether on Financial Street in Beijing or Times Square in New York, high-end business travelers can familiarize themselves Work in space and atmosphere. As a result, the elegant white tea fragrance has become a scent label that Westin is known to customers around the world. Unlike Westin, the Sheraton ’s customer base is targeted at business people aged 30-40, who are young and like freedom. The unified 'Windmill Taste' of Sheraton Hotels is almost tailor-made for them, mixing fig, mint, jasmine and freesia. 'Windmill flavor' starts with the smell of ozone and the ocean, then transfers to a fresh floral or lily, rose, and finally ends with moss and musk scent. The leisure experience it brings complements the Sheraton ’s target customer positioning Become the standard of every Sheraton hotel. ?3. Functional fragrance In fact, capturing customers' sense of smell with different aromas is no longer a marketing patent for high-end business hotels. Different types and positioning hotels are also trying to establish their own scent brands. For example, resort hotels need to make customers have a leisure experience such as at home, and the warm taste of various fruits has become the first choice for such hotels. The Holiday Inn Express by the InterContinental Group, which uses a blend of lemongrass and herbal essential oil, smells sweet and fruity. Hot spring hotels mostly choose a variety of flower fragrances suitable for bathing and relaxing. However, for conference hotels, due to the large number of large meetings, it is most suitable to choose refreshing and deodorizing smells in a limited space. ?4. How to do an economy hotel From the experience of hotel groups such as Shangri-La and Sheraton, fragrance development and use is a high-cost but obscure marketing model. Therefore, the marketing method of scent marketing, which seems to be rich in romantic temperament, is like an unreachable luxury in the eyes of most budget hotels. The brand implantation with smell is not yet involved in most budget hotels. field. However, Xing Pinjun believes that regardless of the type of hotel, as long as it has a clear brand positioning and target customer base, the choice of fragrance is no longer a difficult task that cannot be started. After experiencing the market segmentation from high-star hotels to express hotels, their personal characteristics are their only way out. In this way, in an economy hotel with similar services and facilities, the customer's olfactory recognition system can effectively recognize and remember, so the difference of the brand in the homogeneous market is self-evident.
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