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What does the hotel FFE mean?

by:Fenghe     2020-05-18
Hotel FFE is still unfamiliar to many people, even hotel practitioners may not understand the meaning of the so-called FFE, but only the hotel design. What does hotel FFE mean? What does FFE include? Let's talk about FFE in detail below. ?What Hotel FFE includes FF & E English expands to Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment, which is furniture, firmware facilities and equipment. It is not just soft decoration or artwork design, but also includes the facilities and equipment required for the operation of the entire hotel. The system design process, FF & E is an important part of the design and preparation of star hotels, which plays a key role in the design and operation of the hotel and the embodiment and success of the brand culture. , It is not just soft decoration or art design, but also includes the facilities and equipment required for the operation of the entire hotel. It can be said that FF & E design is a comprehensive and systematic design process. FF & E is an important The components play a key role in the design, operation and brand culture of the hotel and its success or failure. ?FF & E's position in hotel design Because FF & E involves a very wide range and requires more technical aspects in design, FF & E designers should maintain close communication and cooperation with interior designers. After fully considering the interior design style and the requirements of owners and managers, they will FF & E design and interior design together form a harmonious and comfortable space. planning The planning stage is the need to analyze the space area, and then put forward the corresponding requirements. For example, public areas should be spacious, open design needs to achieve functional uses, and changes in arrangement should be considered; there are no columns in the ballroom and conference hall; the number of rooms between floors and the fire safety factor; noise isolation and interference. design concept FF & E designers should make overall arrangements for the function and the overall layout of the hotel, and then roughly explain the style, characteristics and key design parts of the hotel, including the prediction of the effect of key areas and the choice of furniture. FF & E designers can show their ideas through illustrations. The FF & E designer's process of making the concept board is a preliminary reflection on FF & E. Design development The design development stage is an in-depth stage of the design concept, which requires FF & E designers to design each area of ??the interior. From the plane section view, elevation view to large sample node diagram, we need to complete the perspective of all required spaces according to customer requirements. The display of FF & E should be detailed to each space. Designing Documents The design document is the work of the FF & E designers and team after the interior design of the hotel is completed, which provides customers with complete design information and design drawings. The design team should explain the design content, implementation methods, etc. to the construction unit in detail. Construction and installation Construction and installation is the last step of project implementation. FF & E designers must provide on-site construction guidance and explanations, answer questions on the construction site, and have a vertical understanding of the entire project. The construction and installation of FF & E are carried out in the later period of internal fixed decoration, so it is mainly reflected in the selection and installation of construction materials. The purchasing designer shall provide detailed technical descriptions and actual samples during the design document process. The service that the hotel provides to guests is not only the material needs, but also meets the needs of the guests at various cultural levels. FFE is more to provide guests with spiritual and cultural services, allowing the hotel to form its own Culture will develop in the long run.
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