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What are the hotel consumables How to control

by:Fenghe     2020-05-23
What are consumables for hotels? This is defined from a financial point of view, and refers to those disposable or extremely consumable items. Generally speaking, what are the consumables in hotels are obvious. The most common are the six small rooms, that is, toothbrushes , Combs and other things, including office printing paper, consumables, these things are not high in price, but the accumulation of less and more is often the place where the hotel spends the most every day, how to control the consumables of the hotel? This is a problem. How to manage consumables? 1. Determine the amount of consumption The so-called determination of consumption is to determine the monthly consumption, quarterly consumption and annual consumption of disposable supplies based on the number of rooms, room type and occupancy rate. Doing these statistics and estimates will be a good reference for the hotel budget. Aihang hotel supplies mall, low-cost, high-quality consumables. 2. Determine the reserve The storage capacity of the warehouse is basically equal to the actual quantity used in principle. According to the demand, the amount of supplies used in the warehouse is stored for a certain period. The recommendations are: consumables can meet the usage of one month, and the linen needs to meet one day Usage, the work vehicle is equipped with one shift of usage. Aihang Hotel Agent Investment Promotion. 3. Statistics of disposable supplies Do a good job of statistics on disposable items, make statistics based on the actual occupancy rate and usage quantity, and compare with the approved usage to adjust the nuclear quantity to avoid large deviations in the nuclear quantity and usage, affecting hotel operations and causing fund backlog. Aihang Hotel joins the Internet, a new way for hotels to join. 4. Implement the management system for disposable supplies The system is for management service. If you want to manage good hotel supplies, you must establish a management system and strictly implement it, with clear rewards and penalties. How to audit? When inspecting the use of consumables, you can check the number of linens washed and the use of consumables, and then combine the month-on-month and year-on-year checks to see if there is any waste of consumables. In general, the hotel should strictly follow the financial system in the control of consumables, so as to ensure that what is spent on money is used on the blade, and at the same time cultivate the mentality of the employee ’s protagonist and promote the disadvantages of disposable supplies to guests. To develop their environmental awareness.
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