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The three 'secrets' of hotel linen purchase, have

by:Fenghe     2020-05-12
Hotel linen has unique advantages in creating atmosphere, optimizing the environment, providing humanized services and personalized services, so its procurement occupies an important strategic position in hotel operations. The pursuit of cheap or stubborn choices of high-end is not the ultimate good strategy. Only selecting the linen suitable for the hotel can bring good benefits to the hotel. In fact, most customers have many misunderstandings about fabrics. Today, I will lead you to explore the 'secret' of hotel linen purchase, so as to better choose hotel linen and avoid trampling. ?Myth 1: The thicker the fabric, the better, the thicker the more expensive A fabric that is not thick is good. A 40 × 40 fabric is significantly thicker than a 60 × 40 fabric. A 60 × 40 fabric is significantly thicker than a 60 × 60 fabric. A thick fabric is not comfortable. The thickness of the fabric has a great relationship with the thickness of the yarn, specifically, it is distinguished by its fiber count. Fabric count refers to the number of yarns in a square inch of fabric and is called British count, or S for short. The count is related to the length and weight of the yarn. For example, one or two cottons can be made into 30 yarns with a length of 1 meter, that is 30 counts; one or two cottons can be made with 60 yarns with a length of 1 meter, that is 60 counts. Therefore, the higher the count, the softer and stronger the fabric, and the thinner the fabric, the better the quality of the fabric. Obviously, the higher the count, the finer the yarn, the higher the equipment requirements, the higher the quality of the raw material (cotton), the more expensive the price per ton of yarn, and the higher the cost of the cloth. Count is the most important indicator to measure the thickness of the yarn. The warp and weft density refers to: the number of warp and weft yarns arranged per square inch. As commonly seen, “40 × 40/128 × 68” means 40 warp and weft yarns respectively, and the warp and weft density is 128 × 68, which is also an important technical index for the purchase of linen supplies. The larger the count (commonly known as 'high count'), the yarn is thinner, and the more yarns per square inch must be, so the higher the density of the bedding of the same count, the better the higher count can be high density, which is We often hear the term 'high count and high density' fabric. ?Misunderstanding 2: The fabric with a sense of stiffness is good Hotel linen, bed sheets, pillowcases, pillow towels and other linens will be sizing after being washed by a regular washing company. The purpose of sizing is to increase the stain resistance of the fabric, prevent the dirt from penetrating into the fiber, and create an 'isolation layer' between the dirt and the fabric. At the same time, the contaminated bed sheet is easy to remove the dirt when washing. Another purpose of sizing is to increase the stiffness of the fabric, prevent fiber fluff, and have a good look and feel. If the yarn density of the fabric does not meet the standard, the so-called thickness of the fabric will be increased by sizing, but this thickness and stiffness are temporary, and will disappear after being launched. The final process of fabric fabrics of many manufacturers in the bleaching and finishing plant is also sizing, because the yarn density of the fabric cannot reach the standard. If the yarn density of the fabric reaches the standard, it is not used as a sizing treatment, but a softener is added. The cost of the softener is much higher than the price of the slurry. ?Misunderstanding 3. The fabric is very bright and is made of chemical fiber The so-called mercerized finishing means that the cotton fabric is treated with concentrated caustic soda to improve the gloss of the cotton, also known as Mercerizing (Mercerizing). Through treatment, the morphology of the cotton fiber changes, the reflection of light becomes more regular, and the surface of the cotton fiber becomes very shiny. Mercerization is a process in the finishing process, regardless of the fabric material. The calendering process is used in plants that do not have mercerizing equipment. Calendering (also called calendering) is the process of rolling the surface of the fabric (fabric) under wet and hot conditions and grinding off the fiber hairs (hairs on the surface of the fabric) to improve the gloss of the fabric. The calender consists of several hard and soft rolls with smooth surfaces. After the fabric is rolled by a combination of hard and soft rollers, the yarn is flattened, the surface is smooth, the gloss is enhanced, and the feel is stiff. However, the gloss effect of the fabric is poor in durability, and it will gradually lose its gloss after several launches. Calendering is a mechanical physical treatment, while mercerizing is a chemical treatment, two different things. So if the household thinks that the fabric is bright and thin, it is made of chemical fiber, which is actually wrong. The same fabric is more expensive than mercerized (calendered). At the end of writing: In general, the quality of the fabric depends on the density of the yarn count. The fabric with high count and high density is definitely good. The second is to look at the finishing process. Good fabrics undergo a series of finishing processes such as singeing and mercerizing, and the price is more expensive. The most important point: when choosing linen, you must choose a manufacturer with guaranteed quality and guaranteed after-sales service to make your money worth the money. Of course, if you want to have more peace of mind and peace of mind when purchasing, then choose the direct-purchased Internet cafe at Star Pin Youhui Hotel. We provide a professional, convenient and cost-effective hotel supplies procurement platform. The quality of manufacturers' products has been checked in advance during the purchase , The source directly removes the middle price difference, professional service allows you to purchase worry-free.
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