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The humanized design of high-star hotel rooms

by:Fenghe     2020-05-18
? The design purpose of FF & E is humanized service. The humanized design requirements of high-star hotel rooms are more stringent. Everything meets the actual needs of people. The core principle is safety, convenience and comfort. , How to do the FF & E design of the star hotel room area? Design features of FF & E in the star hotel room area Generally speaking, hotel room functions include sleep, reading, living, storage and washing. FF & E design should fully reflect the warm and comfortable environment, such as indoor sofas, recliners, etc. should be able to reflect the warm atmosphere. Under normal circumstances, a few star-rated rooms must have certain business equipment, such as comfortable work chairs, bright writing desks and Internet output interfaces. Design principles of FF & E in star hotel room area The design principle that FFE needs to follow in hotel room design is coordination. That is to coordinate with the interior design style, coordination with the interior function, coordination with the hotel's positioning and brand, and realize the sustainable ecological development design concept that respects human and nature. Main points of FF & E design of guest bedroom area The minimum size of the closet should be 580mm deep. The combination of clothes needs to be installed in the closet, including drawers, safe grids, and space for irons and ironing boards is reserved. A full-length mirror should be added in the dressing area of ??the guest room. Back-to-back installation is prohibited in the power supply and TV of rooms and adjacent rooms to ensure that guests avoid noise nuisance. Main points of FF & E design in the bathroom area Use natural stone as much as possible for the washbasin and attach a splash plate. The top of the washbasin should be kept at a distance of 80mm from the ground and a depth of 230mm to prevent splashes. The wall mirror should be equipped with anti-fog heating device. The power cord of the hair dryer should be hidden. Bathroom hardware accessories should use polished chrome finish. Only by reflecting human civilization and beautifying the environment in the design process can we create a higher-quality living environment. The FFE design of the Gaoxing Hotel is very exciting, so we are happy that the hotel's rooms can become darlings.
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