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Regulations on the use of hotel luggage carts

by:Fenghe     2020-05-12
There are usually luggage carts used in the hotel. For example, the attached baggage staff should pay special attention to certain items and usage requirements: 1. Pay attention to the maintenance and cleaning of the luggage cart. Its appearance is elegant, and it is necessary to refuel the rotating and inspecting parts of the luggage cart at late night, so as not to make a loud noise when carrying luggage; 2. Small baggage carts are not allowed to carry more than six pieces of ordinary luggage, while large baggage carts can only load up to 15 pieces of ordinary weight luggage at the same time; 3. When using the luggage cart, be particularly careful of the front, left, and right sides. Do not let the luggage cart touch the elevator, the wallpaper and the door on the floor, so as not to damage the property of the hotel and increase the maintenance cost; 4. Pay attention to the surrounding guests, do not touch or hurt the guests; 5. When the luggage cart is not in use, it should be neatly arranged according to the designated and version places, and it should not be placed randomly, so as not to affect the perception of the hotel to the guests; 6. When loading luggage, be careful not to replay, so as not to cause adverse effects and damage the guest's luggage.
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