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Foshan Nanhai Fenghe Hotel Supplies Factory is a large integrated enterprise specialized in leather folder research, exploitation, manufacture and production. The hotel supplies series has many styles to meet the diversified needs of customers. During the designing stage of Fenghe Hotel Supplies Hospitality Supplies, the seal between the rotating and stationary members has been taken into more consideration because these parts are important to the overall effectiveness. The removable ashtray top of Fenghe Hotel Supplies branded ground ash barrel is easy to clean.  It is durable and extremely sturdy. The tough seam and fabric allow it to withstand the abuse of multiple set-ups and tear downs. Fenghe Hotel Supplies branded service trolley is easy to assemble and clean.

We will continue to provide professional, fast, accurate, reliable, exclusive, considerate assurance and quality services to ensure that our customers make the most of our cooperation. Get price!

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