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List of necessary items for hotel opening

by:Fenghe     2020-05-20
Before a new hotel opens, it should be the busiest time for the purchasing staff. This is the key moment for the hotel to operate smoothly. Procurement in place can be operated smoothly, so the procurement department must be clear about the list of necessary items for hotel opening, especially hotel procurement ose item list. 1. Banquet operation equipment: towel heating equipment, banquet screen, banquet cart, banquet chair cart, mobile stage cart, mobile bar, platform piano, etc. 2. Audiovisual equipment, including banquet department, restaurant, training (non-project included) loudspeakers, mixing console, microphone, microphone rack, CD player, digital projector, recording / imaging equipment, projector, etc. 3. Banquet furniture-foldable tables, foldable chairs, chair covers, buffet tables, etc. 4. Intuitive (visual) teaching aid equipment, blackboard, etc. and installation, etc. 5. Room delivery service trolleys and other equipment: Western food delivery vehicles, electric insulation boxes, electric heaters, service trays, bread machines, etc. 6. Catering service carts and equipment: wine transport trucks, table cloth carts, etc. 7. Restaurant operating carts and equipment: mobile meat cutting cart, mobile bar, pastry ice cart, champagne refrigerator, cigar heating box, etc. 8. Porcelain used in restaurants, banquet halls, swimming pools, bars, etc .: dinner trays, ashtrays, bowls, cups, teapots, coffee pots, sugar bowls, milk tanks, heat-resistant porcelain, covered soup bowls, platter, etc. 9. Plastic utensils-for swimming pools: plastic plates, plastic cups, plastic spoons, plastic forks, etc. 10. Glassware-bars, lounges, restaurants, banquets, etc .: beer glasses, wine glasses, champagne glasses, soda glasses, crystal glasses, wine glasses, goblets, water turns, glass water bottles, etc. 11. Cutlery-bars, lounges, restaurants, banquet halls, etc .: table knives, table forks, table spoons, cake spatulas, harpoons, meat cleavers, cocktail forks, dessert forks and spoons, etc. 12. Shaped utensils-bars, lounges, restaurants, banquet halls, etc .: milk jugs, insulated coffee pots, fish dishes, mouth cloth rings, salt and pepper mills, large water ties, etc. List of necessary items for hotel opening 13. Buffet stove-restaurant and bar: electric buffet stove, built-in, meat cutting table, coffee urn, soup table, cake table, etc. 14. Restaurant and bar linen: table cloth, mouth cloth, place mat cloth, table cloth, tray cloth, table square towel, conference blanket, table skirt, bar towel, hot and cold towel, etc. 15. Spare parts for western kitchens, Japanese / Chinese kitchens: pots, pans, trays, bowls, frying pans, filters, food cabinets, ovens, casseroles, ice cream utensils, dessert molds, baking molds, snack room breaks, etc. 16. Kitchen and restaurant plastic bulk: white turnover box and lid, white shovel, seasoning box, white storage box, white fresh-keeping box, etc. 17. Room supplies: shampoo, shower gel, soap, comb, toothbrush set, shoe paper, cleaning bag, matches, letter paper, memo pad, envelope, pen, laundry bag, room guide, etc. 18. Bathroom linen, bathrobes, towels, room towels, swimming pool and fitness center: bath towels, floor towels, non-slip mats, hand towels, face towels, bathrobes, slippers, etc. 19. Bed / Mattress / Plinth: King bed, small bed / double bed, mattress and bed, folding bed, etc. 20. Room linen, including bed linen for all rooms: large bed sheets, small / double bed sheets, folding bed sheets, pillowcases, blankets and duvet covers: guest room blankets, duvets and duvet covers, mattress protectors / bed skirts : Protective sleeves, bed skirts, pillows, etc. 21. Room equipment and supplies: electronic safe, TV set, bathroom equipment, electronic alarm clock with radio function, hair dryer, hanger, hanger, ironing board, electric iron set, minibar refrigerator, TV guide, TV, telephone Ice bucket, ashtray, electric kettle, tea cups and saucers, spoons, glassware, blenders, soap dishes, etc. 22. Office equipment in the backstage area: copier, calculator, fax machine, brand name, camera / camcorder, printer, file cabinet, shredder, timer, etc. 23. Office equipment in the passenger area: installation of tables, bases, bookcases, file cabinets, safes and security equipment, etc. 24. Guest safe and background safe: guest safe, cash register, key box, etc. 25. First aid and fire safety equipment: wheelchair, medicine chest, stretcher, portable fire extinguisher, fire truck, fire axe, crowbar, mask, oxygen machine, etc. 26. Communication equipment of all departments: walkie-talkies, chargers, mobile phones, etc. 27. Staff restaurant equipment and supplies: chairs, dinner plates, knives, forks and spoons, tea cups, glasses, chopsticks, soup bowls, sugar bowls, milk jugs, etc. 28. Staff locker room equipment: different locker combinations (single, double, triple, etc.), benches, auxiliary furniture, hangers, shower curtains, bath towels, trash cans, workbenches, fixed seats, etc. 29. Housekeeping department operation equipment and supplies: supplies cans, garbage bins, rags, gloves, benches, glass cleaning blades, mops, other supplies, etc. 30. Cleaning and maintenance equipment used by the housekeeping department: vacuum cleaner, carpet cleaning machine, floor polishing machine, cleaning brush, dry cleaning machine, dryer, etc. 31. Equipment and supplies for laundry operations: ironing board, ironing agent, markers and signs, hangers, hanger brushes, pressure board, decontamination brushes, etc. 32. Concierge trolleys and equipment: Concierge luggage carts and trolleys, letter weighers, notice boards, flatbeds, etc. 33. Equipment in the fitness center: treadmills, bicycles, steppers, training mats, dumbbells, etc. 34. Swimming pool furniture and equipment: swimming pool bar counters, chairs, tables, umbrellas, parasols, service carts, swimming pool maintenance equipment, etc. 35. Staff uniforms 36. Computer hardware and software required for the operation of the hotel: desktop computers, monitors, notebook computers, printers and scanners, hotel management system software, cash collection systems at various outlets, background management systems, etc. Hotel OSE is the operating supplies and equipment of the entire hotel, and the composition is very complicated, including almost everything you see. This procurement process will take a long time, testing the patience and sincerity of the procurement staff, looking for five stars The direct mining platform may save a lot of trouble.
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