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How to do hotel supplies procurement

by:Fenghe     2020-05-20
In recent years, people's living standards have improved, and their travel rates have also greatly increased. Relatively speaking, the hotel's occupancy rate has also improved a lot. So, how does a star hotel stand out among many hotels to attract people to stay and get good reviews? People staying in hotels, in addition to convenient travel and pleasant environment, the most important thing is comfort, that is, the feeling that hotel supplies bring to residents. Therefore, how to purchase hotel supplies has become a crucial link. More and more hotels are beginning to pursue beauty, quality and service. Therefore, when purchasing items, hotels not only focus on cost performance and quality, but also the variety of hotel supplies is more and more diverse to meet market demand. The important part of hotel supplies procurement is related to hotel cost control. Procurement does not directly face customers, but the quality of work will directly affect the quality of the hotel and provide services for guests. Hotel supplies procurement is the most important thing to understand the market. Control of procurement costs. How to quickly understand the market in the procurement of supplies for hotels, the editor believes that it is better to do from several aspects. First, from the Internet travel giant Ctrip, Feiguzhang hotel accommodation big data analysis portraits and user reviews and shared travel notes; second, using traditional methods of customer leave evaluation and return visits; third, to participate in the exhibition of the hotel industry market development vane (2018 Shanghai International Hotel Supplies Expo). With the 2018 Shanghai International Hotel Supplies Fair just now, it brings together hotel management groups, hotel supplies suppliers, real estate developers, designers and global buyers and industry leaders across the industry chain, to build the industry of hotel supplies trend release and procurement The event brought a lot of market-leading information. Novelty, Fashion, and Beauty―Hotel Cloth Hall Today, more and more hotels are re-examining the quality of hotel design and room supplies, emphasizing stylish personality to meet the needs of young consumer groups. As a part of the hotel that best reflects the quality of the hotel, the major manufacturers have carefully crafted materials, quality, and colors, and use unique and customized products to enhance the hotel guests' stay experience. Pengyuan, Xianghua, Carnation, Stamford, Red Golden Dome, Thinking, Song Qi, Haicheng, Yamian, Hongrun, Yujie, Chilong, Zhuoerya, Qixingdao, Shanglin, Qiaobulan, Qinghe and other leading linen and uniform companies have settled in 2019 Hotel Plus, bringing a soft and comfortable tactile experience to the guests. Creativity, intelligence and efficiency―Hotel IT & Security Museum To a great extent, the hotel represents the development and image of a city, and it is bound to be continuously upgraded and reformed in keeping with the times. Especially in the rapid development of the Internet + big data, the smart hotel upgrade will become a new thinking direction for the transformation of the hotel industry. Hotel security system is an important part of hotel security, and the combination of security and IT technology has become one of the indispensable contents in hotel management. Industry leaders such as Tangnian, Keruid, Swick, Audaxin, Delaware, Yada, Grand Merchand Cinda, Fengle, Chixing, Hechang, AEI, Sino-German United, Jiesikang will bring The latest products in hotel monitoring, POS machines, safes, telephones, stereos, door locks, hotel software, intelligent control, refrigerators, small household appliances, etc. Personality, Environmental Protection, Quality―Guest Room Supplies Museum In recent years, with the development of theme hotels and guest houses, the quality of hotel room supplies has also been continuously improved. For travelers, the hotel is no longer just a place for a short break during the journey. In the choice of guest room supplies, personalized packaging design, green and environmentally friendly production concepts, and carefully adjusted supplies ingredients will bring travelers a better stay experience. With the participation of well-known enterprises such as Ganbo, Village Daily Chemicals, Jiaomei, Double-faced Needle, Gaomei, L'Occitane, Soya, Botijia, Ope, Caichen, and Youjie, the 2019 Guest House Supplies Museum will be upgraded again. Showcase the new 'little six pieces' that pay more attention to individual design and quality. Fitness, wellness, leisure-recreation and sports hall Hotel gyms and leisure and entertainment spaces are one of the most important places that can reflect the satisfaction of guests' stay. In view of the public's pursuit of health and fitness and the increasing emphasis on leisure activities, high-end hotels, resorts, clubs and other high-end venues have begun to focus on leisure Product development. Yamafin, Technogym, Aurelai, Gree, IKC, Kaizhile and other enterprises will exhibit advanced fitness equipment and supporting facilities, sports and leisure products, entertainment and recreational facilities and other products at home and abroad to provide hotel owners with well-being The best products and technologies, the latest concepts and services in the sports and leisure industry. Small and beautiful, boutique-alternative experience of homestay Since the beginning of 2017, the homestay has been more popular. As a new product brought by the upgrade of tourism consumption, homestay has been loved by more and more people. Compared with the hundreds of rooms in large hotels and resorts, the small and beautiful boutique accommodation format is a useful supplement to the hotel industry and provides consumers with a diverse experience of beautiful accommodation. These three points should be done in the process of hotel supplies procurement First, investigate and analyze the suppliers in advance and compare the three; Second, the manager of the department, the purchasing staff, and the staff of the cost control department all need to investigate; Third, focus on analysis to avoid blindness and 'slaughter', to ensure the quality of purchases, and to prevent the purchaser from being full of money, so as to effectively control purchase costs; Write at the end: As more and more people pursue personalized experiences, many themed characteristic hotels appear, and a large number of characteristic guest houses are also born. Therefore, differentiated hotel rooms should be created in the procurement of hotel supplies. The differentiated experience of hotel supplies also caters to the hotel theme. I believe that my hotel can stand out among many hotels.
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