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How to buy curtains for star hotels

by:Fenghe     2020-05-14
In a star hotel with a high occupancy rate, curtains are one of the customer evaluation criteria. It not only keeps the privacy of the living room, but also reduces light and shade to meet people's needs for different light intensity; it can also be soundproof, dustproof, and warm to improve the climate and environment of the room. Not only that, curtains are an indispensable decoration in the hotel. Therefore, the clever combination of practicality and decoration is the biggest feature of curtains. According to the type of hotel, the best use and the most perfect visual effect can be achieved. Let's talk about the purchasing skills of hotel curtains. ?What are the hotel curtain procurement skills 1. Combine the functions of each area of ??the hotel While purchasing hotel curtains, the corresponding matching is combined with the hotel's decoration style. It is generally chic and elegant. The style closely follows the trend of the times and the pursuit of coordination in color tone is the only way to achieve better results and improve customers Satisfaction of staying. Hotel lobby: Warm-toned curtains with curtain heads set off a warm and warm atmosphere. Hotel leisure area: fresh green curtains can create a natural, casual and comfortable atmosphere. Hotel restaurant: Decorated with white net buckle, it will add icing on the cake Hotel suites: graceful and magnificent style, elegant atmosphere, add new fun. Small hotel rooms: You can choose a balanced color to bring a soft, comfortable and relaxed visual experience. 2. Hotel curtain fabric should be shading and soundproof In order to ensure good shading, hotel curtain fabrics generally choose heavier fabrics, such as chenille, velvet and other fabrics with thick texture and strong drape, which can effectively play the role of sound insulation and shading. Especially for areas with strong privacy such as guest rooms and toilets. Chenille fabric: thick texture, strong drape, comfortable feel, is a high-end luxurious fabric, suitable for five-star hotels. Italian flannel: It feels smooth and soft to the touch. It is softer and more shiny than chenille fabrics. It is also a high-end fabric suitable for five-star hotels. Cotton and linen fabrics: hard to feel, not ball, suitable for hotel rooms with simple decoration style. High-precision shading cloth: The price is cheap, shading and decoration are good, very suitable for chain hotels. 3. The curtain size should be accurate to prevent excessive waste and excessive light leakage The area of ??curtains used in hotels must be able to cover the windows to achieve a good shading effect. Star hotels generally have floor-to-ceiling glass, and the length of curtains is generally floor-to-ceiling curtains. The curtains are slightly dragged on the ground to ensure no light leakage. 4. The curtain pattern should be clean and avoid fancy Hotel curtains should choose plain colors, stripes or geometric patterns, not too fancy fabrics, simple patterns give a simple visual experience. It is too fancy to give people a messy feeling, resulting in reduced customer satisfaction. Conclusion: If you want to have more peace of mind and peace of mind when purchasing, then choose the star cafe Youhui directly. We provide a professional, convenient, and cost-effective hotel supplies procurement platform. The quality of manufacturers' products has been checked in advance in the purchase process. The source difference is directly eliminated, and the professional service allows you to purchase without worry.
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