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How long is the cycle of purchasing hotel supplies?

by:Fenghe     2020-05-22
Although it is now advocated to reduce the use of disposable products, the utilization rate of disposable products in hotels is still relatively high, and it is also the most frequent daily consumer goods purchased by hotels. How long does it take to buy hotel supplies? As well as how to store daily hotel disposable supplies, the hotel must consider. How long is the cycle of purchasing hotel supplies? The number of one-time items purchased this month is determined based on the amount used in the previous month and the reservations made this month. The general cycle is one month or two months, not more than three months. The advantage of the short-term inventory forecasting method is to reduce inventory, the liquidity is more flexible, and it will not cause the deterioration and expiration of some items that are not easy to preserve. At the time of purchase, the quantity of some perishable items is controlled to reduce the loss rate of items. Distribute purchases of disposable items in the off-season and peak seasons according to the time, purchase fewer items in the off-season, and purchase stocks in advance during the off-season. This will allow the finance to vacate some of the working capital for other purposes, and there will be no shortage of goods and soaring prices during the peak season. How to store hotel disposables Attention should also be paid to the preservation of disposable items. The secondary warehouse of the housekeeping department should try to choose a dry place to store the items. The hotel once placed the second-level warehouse in the guest room in the basement, which is more inappropriate and is not conducive to the preservation of items. In June, there were molds on the soap and the matches could not be used due to moisture. In addition to the above objective factors that can reduce the amount of disposable supplies, there are several methods for controlling these consumables: First, clarify who is responsible. The authority to collect disposable supplies shall be returned to the foreman in each region, and it shall be stipulated that they shall be picked up once a week from the secondary warehouse. The regional foremen will use the items left in the workshops and the reservations next week as appropriate. Second, allotment according to standards. The amount of equipment in each workshop is based on the average amount of items used for one week as a fixed amount of storage, and is distributed to the name area as a maneuver according to 10% of the configuration. Third, strict application system. The person in charge of each area must fill in the remainder of the various types of items last week when collecting the items, and make a detailed registration of the number of items received this week and sign to confirm. Fourth, implement a reward and punishment system. According to the actual monthly occupancy of each building, the actual use of disposable items in each building is counted, and the use of the hotel's standard disposable items is used. If the standard is exceeded, 10% will be punished. At the end of the year, the number of applications and actual usage for the whole year is counted, and the saved amount is taken out as 10% –15% for employees as a reward. Fifth, timely inventory. Implement a system of one small market per week and one large market in January to keep abreast of the consumption of all items. Sixth, all management personnel should do a good job of saving and reusing items, make the best use of their materials, and maximize their use value. Seventh, disposable room supplies such as toothbrushes, combs, small soaps, slippers, and other guest cotton fabrics in the room and towels, pillowcases, bed sheets, bathrobes, and other guest cotton fabrics should be replaced according to the wishes of customers to reduce the number of washings. Hotel one-time items purchase cycle is different from other items. The high frequency is a characteristic, and the preservation of one-time items also needs more attention than conventional items.
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