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Hotel opening purchase list What is included in

by:Fenghe     2020-05-19
When the hotel is ready to open for business, it should be the time when things are the most, and this is also the time when the procurement is the busiest. It is really full of challenges to purchase in place. What is the hotel opening purchase list? What does the FFE procurement include? There are many types of procurement before hotel opening, which can be summarized into two categories, FF & E and OS & E. OS & E operating supplies and equipment, the following detailed description of what is included in FFE procurement. Softwear includes but is not limited to various areas: decorative fabrics / fabrics, decorative lamps, art accessories, carpets A materials for decoration, including but not limited to: hardware, switch panel, bathroom, door lock Signs and signs (non-decorative company responsible) Mobile guest room furniture, catering furniture, office furniture, display furniture, sofas, mobile screens in various business areas and public areas Kitchen and laundry equipment Hotel FFE does not seem to have much stuff, it is furniture, firmware facilities and equipment, but it is not just a soft decoration or art design, but also includes the facilities and equipment required for the operation of the entire hotel. Although the purchase list is not large, but Strict requirements and close contact with designers, buyers also need to have some understanding of design.
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