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Hotel HOE procurement considerations

by:Fenghe     2020-05-15
HOE includes hotel items and equipment purchased during the preparatory and operational phases of the hotel. Procurement is not easy, and it is both precious and cherished. As a member of the procurement department, hotel HOE procurement precautions must be known, to avoid falling into the pit when purchasing, to know that precautions are the way to survival. 1. Division of bidding segment: Reasonable bidding segmentation (HOE product mix) is the prerequisite for ensuring the smooth progress of bidding, obtaining the best cost-effective products and the best quality after-sales service. If the bid is too large, you may not be able to obtain products from direct manufacturers or distributors at the general agent level, and you will not receive professional services and support. At the same time, you will bear huge procurement risks. If the bid is too fine, it will increase a series of workloads, which will not be worth the gains. 2. Finalist conditions for suppliers: There are many HOE items, and each bid section has different requirements for suppliers. Avoid one-size-fits-all or apply the qualification conditions of engineering and large-scale equipment to avoid rejecting direct manufacturers or good channels. Or the conditions are too low, which leads to a mixture of suppliers participating in the competition, making it more difficult to screen suppliers, increasing workload and purchasing risks. 3. Pre-qualification of suppliers: Before determining the short-listed suppliers, the suppliers must be pre-qualified to ensure that the qualifications, abilities, expertise and experience, integrity and reputation of the hotel supplies suppliers participating in the bidding are approximately the same On the level, and in accordance with the requirements of hotel grade and quality, to avoid bad suppliers, no case service experience, and leather bag companies participating in the competition, making the bidding work unfair, and at the same time avoiding the immeasurable potential for future actual purchases Loss and trouble. 4. Criteria for evaluation of bids: avoid a single bidding method with the lowest price, try to use a comprehensive scoring method to evaluate the bids, so as to obtain the most favorable hotel suppliers under the premise of evaluating the comprehensive strength of the suppliers. HOE Procurement Inventory Management 1. Main tasks of HOE management 1. Ensure the normal operation of hotel business activities, promote the improvement of management level and the development of business operations. 2. On the premise of ensuring the quality of hotel services, do a good job of reasonable procurement and reasonable use of materials, strengthen storage management, plug loopholes, and reduce costs. 2. The basic policy of HOE management There should be a plan, a plan has a basis, a reserve has a fixed amount, and management has a system. A, B, and C classification control methods are implemented, reasonable reserves are purchased according to a plan, and a fixed supply is provided. . Hotel hoe purchase is not the end of one-time purchase before opening, hoe is protracted. Before the opening, the hotel's replenishment purchase during the entire operation period of the hotel belongs to hoe, so make a budget when purchasing, choose the right supplier, and later Do a good job in inventory management.
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