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Hotel hoe meaning in Chinese

by:Fenghe     2020-05-15
The hotel supplies segment of the hotel industry is gradually expanding, the market demands diversification, and the procurement of various hotel supplies is constantly expanding, which is the best era for suppliers. The rapid development of the hotel industry has continuously increased the demand for hotel hoe purchases. Many practitioners are still confused about what the hotel hoe means, and it is unclear what the hotel HOE purchasing characteristics are. HOE (Hotel operating equipment) is the hotel items and equipment purchased by the hotel management during the hotel preparation period and the hotel operation period. It is a necessary material for hotel operations. And other similar functions of catering, room and hotel daily operation items. Part of the HOE is a weight to measure the star standard of the hotel. However, due to the large number of industries involved in HOE, the variety, and the lack of professional hotel HOE procurement personnel, hotel owners cannot fully understand the huge HOE market, nor can they accurately analyze the quality and price of thousands of products. Therefore, many owners cannot fully control the customer dimension, time dimension, cost dimension, quality dimension, etc. For suppliers, the era of 'the machine is ringing, the gold is 20,000' is over! The oversupply of products, the expansiveness of exhibitions, the repayment of funds are nowhere in sight, coupled with the rapid development of information network platforms, the era of big data sharing has arrived, and online procurement platforms are becoming more mature, more efficient and more convenient. The future hotel HOE procurement trend is bound to develop in the direction of offline experience + online transactions. Hotel HOE features 1. There are many types of industries involved, and there are many varieties: HOE has more than 10,000 items, involving hundreds of manufacturing industries. 2. Pay attention to modeling and appearance technology, simple structure, small size: such as the hair dryer cloth cover commonly used in hotels, generally embroidered with the hotel logo, easy-open bag mouth, exquisite and beautiful. 3. It is easy to use, convenient, and adaptable to a wide range, without the need for professional operation: for example, the humanized design of the hotel room telephone has many direct dial buttons to facilitate guests to dial the telephone according to different needs. 4. Some are customized products, with strong personalization: for example, restaurant appliances must be purchased according to the hotel's cuisine, and room leather goods can be customized according to the decoration style of the hotel room and the main color of the hotel brand. 5. Fast product replacement: For daily chemical consumables, the formula and packaging will be changed in almost 6 months. 6. Strong regional production: manufacturers of linen and daily-use consumables are mainly concentrated in Guangdong and Jiangsu. 7. Long delivery cycle: It takes about 30 days for conventional products and about 60 days for some imported items and equipment. The variety of hotel HOEs is a big challenge for purchasers. Fortunately, the online platform for direct hotel procurement is becoming more and more mature, which is a good support for purchasers.
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