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Hotel furniture materials Raiders What are the

by:Fenghe     2020-05-17
The furniture of a hotel can best reflect the style and grade of the hotel. It also needs to be combined with the style design of the hotel itself. The material of the furniture determines the customer's favorability to the hotel during the later operation of the hotel. The following editors will bring you a comprehensive guide to hotel furniture materials, as well as precautions for hotel furniture customization, hoping to help hotel practitioners. Precautions for hotel furniture customization Materials are obviously the material basis for making hotel furniture. In the history of the development of hotel furniture, the materials used for hotel furniture can show the level of productivity development at that time. In addition to commonly used metals, plastics, and wood, there are glass, rubber, fabric, rattan, bamboo, leather, sponge, and decorative boards. However, not all materials can be used in the production of hotel furniture. The application of hotel furniture materials also has some selectivity. Among them, the following factors should be fully analyzed. (1) Processing technology. The processing technology of the material directly affects the production of hotel furniture. According to the customized grade and origin of hotel furniture, wood furniture materials must be analyzed and summarized in the process of shrinkage caused by moisture, anisotropic fission and porosity. Plastic materials should take into account their thermoplastic deformation and ductility. The glass material should take into account its hot brittleness, hardness, etc. (2) Texture and external surface quality. The texture and texture of the material determine the special feeling of the outer surface quality of the product. Wood is a natural material with beautiful and natural texture, good hand feel and vivid image, and it is easy to color and process. It is the best material for producing hotel furniture. Plastic and its synthetic materials have the characteristics of simulating the texture of various natural materials, and have good coloring properties, but they are prone to aging and are subject to thermal deformation. With this production of hotel furniture, the service life and use range are limited. (3) Economical. According to the customized function and appearance form of hotel furniture, the economic utilization rate of material of hotel furniture material, processing labor consumption, material source and the richness of price including material. Although wood has the advantages of natural texture, etc., as the accumulation of wood continues to decrease and the demand increases, resources are increasingly scarce, and the wood material is economically beautiful and similar materials. They will be widely used in the production of hotel furniture . (4) Strength. In terms of strength, its grip strength, split resistance and elastic modulus should be considered. (5) Surface decoration performance. In general, surface decoration performance refers to the feasibility of engraving, coloring, ironing, ironing, painting, gluing, and so on. Hotel furniture customization process Hotel furniture customization must also follow the normal process. Its process is as large as the following steps. Please note that these steps can not be small, only many, and can not be overstepped, otherwise it will cause economic losses. (1) According to the characteristics and budget of the hotel, the client writes a specific plan for furniture, such as what furniture is needed and the size of the furniture. This is the beginning. (2) Material selection. In this step, the merchant selects furniture materials according to the customer's requirements, but as a manufacturer's manufacturing expertise, it can also guide customers to select materials. (3) The merchant draws the furniture according to the customer's requirements. This is the design. In this step, the merchant and the customer must communicate well to maintain consistent views. (4) When the drawings are confirmed under the mutual agreement of both parties, the furniture can be transferred to the production process. For the state at this time, the drawings cannot be changed because the factory is already producing. After the furniture production is completed, the customer can go to the site to inspect the goods and inspect the quantity. (5) Freight, furniture can be shipped to the customer's hotel after the furniture production is checked and accepted. (6) When the furniture is shipped to the customer's hotel, it can be installed. This is the last step. Note on custom design of hotel furniture 1. The combination of color and style The colors, styles, and styles of custom hotel furniture are determined by the manufacturer. The terminal store cannot determine the style, and can only choose and combine among the styles of existing manufacturers. Therefore, the designer of the store uses more existing styles Make color and style matching according to consumers' home decoration. The style of custom hotel furniture must fully consider the theme of interior design, such as Chinese, European, and simple. Because custom furniture is more panel furniture, it is more important to match the colors so that the furniture products can be harmoniously integrated into the entire interior In the space, and become the highlight of the indoor space. The designer should understand the customer's needs and the color conception of the whole room on the basis of full communication with the customer. To comply with the overall color tone of the interior, furniture and doors are the main colors in the interior. Pay attention to the relationship with the background color. They can be the same, similar, or contrastable. There can be some changes in details as embellishment. 2. Functional design The design needs to make full use of the limited space and needs to conform to ergonomic principles to make it convenient for consumers to use. Store designers need to master some human functional principles, according to the frequency of use of items, the size of items, storage methods and storage volume, to give consumers the best configuration plan, but also take into account the performance of furniture materials, material utilization, Many factors such as standardization of parts and components, good visual experience and so on. There are many forms of clothing for the elderly, so you can make more shelves and drawers when designing. The elderly should not climb or squat due to their physical conditions. The shelves and drawers should be about 1 meter high from the ground. Hardware with lifting function can also be considered. Children's furniture should take into account the placement of children's toys. It is best to design a large full-body cabinet with only pendants on the upper layer and the lower layer vacant. The hangers in the cabinets of younger groups are usually divided into two layers, long and short, to store coats and tops respectively. Shirts can also be placed in separate small drawers or shelves, so that they won't be creased and ugly due to excessive clothes pressing together. Underwear, tie and socks can be used with special small lattices, which is not only conducive to clothing maintenance, but also intuitive and convenient to take; sweaters can be placed in deep drawers; pants should be stored by a dedicated hanger. 3. Structural design Custom cabinets usually use chipboard or medium density fiberboard base material, with the side panel design as the core, and the overall structure with the top and bottom plates. The combination of the side plate and the top and bottom plates is connected by an eccentric piece and a round bar tenon. Columns and beams may appear on the wall surface of the installation cabinet. These beams and columns should be used as much as possible during decoration to maximize the storage space of the cabinet without leaving a sanitary corner. The maximum height of the cabinet is usually 2400 mm, but a ladder is required when the height of the cabinet is more than 2.1 meters. Therefore, for convenience, it is recommended that the cabinet can be divided into two parts. It is a frequently used storage space. In addition, some owners consider the use of space and require the cabinet to be topped, because the normal apartment floor height is 2800mm, the net size of the floor slab is about 2600mm, and the usual side panel is up to 2400mm. For strength and stability, the upper and lower independent cabinet design should be adopted, and as far as possible no common shelf. Customizing hotel furniture is a knowledge. There are many details to be paid attention to. This requires communication between the hotel procurement and the designer. Customers often need to pay attention to the details of the experience. Five-star hotels generally do very well in this regard. Perfection is the main reason why they are favored by consumers.
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