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High-end hotel supplies procurement trends, the

by:Fenghe     2020-05-21
The problem of hotel supplies procurement has always been a problem for hotel procurement staff. It is hard to say how difficult traditional procurement is. It is not necessary to find a matching supplier every day. This year's high-end hotel supplies procurement trend has changed, and the Internet market will be on track. How about the market for hotel supplies The rise of boutique hotels and homestays expands industry development space As consumers' expectations of accommodation experience increase, boutique hotels are increasingly favored by investors and consumers. In the past 5 years, the growth rate of boutique hotels has remained above 10%, and the brand influence has been continuously improved. Boutique hotels such as Banyan Tree, Angsana, and Liushan will accelerate their expansion in 2018, and all plan to open more stores. In addition to boutique hotels, homestays are also showing a rapid rise. According to the data of the 'Homestay Short-term Rental Development Report 2017' released by Tujia at its strategic conference, the average domestic homestay in 2017 was 401 yuan / night, and the average nightly price in eight domestic cities exceeded 1,000 yuan. The report also pointed out that the short-term rental of homestays has entered a period of rapid growth, and there is a tendency to 'luxury', but the price / performance ratio still far exceeds that of hotels. The design requirements of boutique hotels and homestays are different from traditional hotels. It requires hotel supplies to perfectly fit the unique design style of hotels (homestays), thereby creating more different types of product needs for the hotel supplies industry and expanding the development of the industry space. High-end hotel supplies procurement trends, the Internet market will be on track Hotel transformation and upgrading release industry dividends In recent years, the hotel industry is suffering from market saturation and consumption upgrading under the background of China's economy entering a new normal. The 'golden age' of domestic economic hotel chains has become a thing of the past. The outbreak of mid-range hotels has become an irreversible new wave of development in the industry, and economic hotel chains have undergone transformation and upgrading. The transformation and upgrading of the hotel industry is an opportunity for the development of the hotel supplies industry, which not only creates demand for the hotel supplies industry, but also drives the upgrading of the hotel supplies industry. The Internet market needs to be developed urgently and will be on the right track The hotel supplies industry has always adhered to the traditional trading model of 'wholesale city + exhibition'. The disadvantages of this model are the difficulty of obtaining information, the large geographical restrictions and the long transaction process. In order to solve the above shortcomings, the hotel supplies industry has been trying to 'shock', but the effect is always not good. Does that mean that the Internet is not suitable for the hotel supplies industry? The editor believes that on the contrary, the cross-regional nature of the Internet, timelessness and interconnectivity can just make up for the shortcomings of the 'wholesale city + exhibition' transaction model. And what the hotel supplies industry has to do is to find a 'shock road' that belongs to the industry. Nowadays, there are more and more Internet platforms for hotel supplies procurement. Although it is not yet mature, some brands have created an offline and online model. For example, Shenzhen Xingpin Youhui, relying on a powerful Internet platform, has created Hotel supplies are offline stores, both online and offline can provide direct supply of five-star hotel suppliers, for the hotel side to save time to find suppliers, it is simply a boon, and offline stores have model rooms, can be used for hotels Provide decoration inspiration and design, continue to explore the innovative mode that wine has brought to the development of the hotel supplies industry, service the procurement of major hotel procurement departments, and also provide a home-made direct-purchase store for individual travelers to enjoy a five-star quality life.
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