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by:Fenghe     2020-05-13
An excellent hotel is better than details. The correct choice of hotel ceramic tableware will allow guests to feel the exquisite tableware and the hotel's catering culture while dining at the hotel, which may indirectly create more economic benefits for the hotel. So what are the 'learnings' about hotel ceramic tableware that professionals should pay attention to and understand? ?1. What is hotel porcelain (tableware) Compared with general living words, hotel porcelain (tableware) is usually aimed at the use needs of hotel guests and the overall style of the hotel, and the tableware porcelain produced according to the function usually has certain requirements in shape, shape and material. Hotel porcelain (tableware) classification Hotel porcelain (tableware) can be divided into ordinary porcelain, reinforced porcelain, magnesium porcelain and bone porcelain according to the porcelain quality. Household tableware generally chooses several functional tableware to meet the needs of life, but the shape of tableware required by general hotels may reach more than 20 to 40 varieties. Some hotels use porcelain (cutlery) to use special utensils to match dishes, such as abalone fin cup, shark fin cup, Buddha jumping wall and other dishes, the tableware needs to be specially customized with the manufacturer to make the dining table unified and harmonious Exquisite and unique hotel catering culture. Porcelain (tableware) for hotels with unique shapes can not only make the dishes look beautiful when they are placed on the table, but also the novel utensils can make the customers feel 'pleasant and happy' when dining. Hotel porcelain (tableware) maintenance In order to ensure the safety of customers' meals, the hotel should regularly sterilize the hotel porcelain (tableware) and replace it regularly. The number of each replacement should account for about 30% of the total hotel porcelain (tableware); it is worth noting that once it is found that the hotel porcelain (tableware) is damaged, it can be replaced with it. So as not to cause inconvenience to diners, which indirectly affects the hotel's external image. Regarding the procurement of porcelain (tableware) for hotels, in addition to the above-mentioned important points, there are several procurement guidelines, which are also worth noting for buyers of porcelain (tableware) for hotels. ?2. Hotel tableware procurement guide Look at the shape Pay attention to observe whether the product is in good shape and avoid buying products with damage, spots and bubbles. When it is necessary to purchase a complete set of ceramic products, the purchaser should check the whole set of hotel porcelain (tableware) in advance, and the glaze, picture, gloss, style, etc. of each article to see whether they are well-proportioned, consistent in style and unified in theme. When choosing porcelain with gold and silver decoration, the buyer can first wipe the part with gold and silver decoration on the product, and the one that does not fade can be referred to and selected. See through For example, the ceramic products of thin tires, under the sunlight or light, have a sense of transparency, thin and light to pick up, and uniform thickness, is a good product, you can refer to and choose. Listen to the sound You can also measure the quality by tapping. Before purchasing porcelain (tableware) for hotels, buyers can choose to tap the product a few times. The product with a clear sound is better than the quality. After tapping, the product with a dull or hoarse sound may be a poor quality product. Conclusion: Professional and exquisite porcelain (tableware) for hotels may be the finishing touch of hotel management and development. Excellent hotel supplies buyers can choose from the consumer's point of view, environmentally friendly, beautiful, novel and in line with hotel positioning porcelain tableware, this is a pleasant thing for consumers, for hotels ,It is also.
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