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Attentions for purchasing disposable supplies

by:Fenghe     2020-05-22
Disposable supplies in hotel rooms are for the convenience of guests, and can also save the human resources of the hotel to a certain extent. Although many guests have the consciousness of resisting disposable supplies, they are still used very high. . What are the precautions for purchasing disposable supplies in guest rooms? Procurement staff must be informed. Disposable items in hotel rooms mainly include: toothbrush, comb, slippers, washing and moisturizing four-piece set, soap, razor, shower cap, nursing bag, hygiene bag, coaster, cup cover, shoe cloth, tea, coffee Other room supplies. It is worth reminding that there is no such thing as hotel disposable supplies. It is impractical for a company to produce all supporting products independently. The normal family makes several products, and the rest are completed through outsourcing packages. (If the hotel encounters in the procurement process that all its products are produced independently, then this factory is 100% bragging) Precautions for purchasing disposable supplies in guest rooms First, the house price factor. Since disposable goods are mostly free for guests to use and consume every day, it is recommended that when purchasing disposable goods, it is combined with their own house prices to choose products at comparable prices. Second, the number of rooms, combined with their own occupancy rate to calculate the number of consumables used, it is recommended to order according to the amount of three months, half a year or one year when customizing products. Normal hotel supplies production will have a cycle. More than a month, plus logistics and transportation time, so the order is at least three months to order, during the inventory inventory, in fact, replenishment, to avoid the phenomenon of out of stock. (Some products will have a minimum order quantity, depending on the actual situation of each manufacturer) Third, the decoration style, product selection, and packaging design are recommended to match colors and tones as much as possible according to the hotel's decoration style. There are many types of disposable products in hotels, and there are many details that need to be paid attention to when choosing collocations. The three precautions above are important for the purchaser to pay attention to. There are more specific details that will affect the purchase of disposable products. Depends on your hotel situation.
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