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Application of FF & E in hotel design FFE can

by:Fenghe     2020-05-19
FF & E includes the facilities and equipment required for the operation of the entire hotel. As a comprehensive and systematic design process, it is very important for the entire design and preparation of the hotel. Let's talk about the application of FF & E in hotel design. It can be said that the figure of FFE can be seen everywhere. Space and function FF & E designers need to firmly grasp the unique elements of each category of space, such as curved windows, light-filled lobby, etc. These characteristic spatial elements will become the design focus of the designer. Different functional areas have different hardware, so they will bring inspiration and innovation to hotel interior design. Proportion and shape For the space in the hotel, the coordination of proportions is one of the important ways for designers to express the interior space. Sculptures, ornaments, carpets and other components can fill the space. These elements often need to be larger than the human body in order to appear magnificent. The designer also needs to pay attention to how to use the decoration of the interior space to obtain a well-balanced visual effect. Color and texture The most important thing in color and texture is contrast. Interior designers tend to use more subtle contrasting materials for comparison, which in turn makes the interior of the county richer. To highlight the material you can also use lights to create effects. For example, leather, polished metal and other materials have different textures under the light. In terms of color, the matching of warm and cold tones and overall tones is demanding, requiring different tones to reflect different styles and characteristics. Lighting and decorative lamps Lighting design requires designers to closely match the interior design style. The lighting effect requirements of the space setting under different functions are also different. Therefore, designers must follow this principle to design. For example, the interior design of a hotel western restaurant needs to use warm color light sources to illuminate food, while the dining table of an independent restaurant needs to use cold colors and high CRI lights for illumination. FF & E, as an important part of the design and construction of star hotels, plays a key role in the design and operation of hotels and the embodiment and success of brand culture.
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